Best Weight Loss Diets for Women

Many Dieting plans are available

You have decided to lose weight and you find that there are millions of weight loss programs. How do you know which one is right for you? Metabolism is different for men and women, so you need to find one that is tailored specifically for women. The following diets are the top three for women who want to lose weight.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is probably the oldest diet around. It stays around because it works. It comes in many forms. You can attend meetings or you can work your diet online. This diet is great in that you can adjust it to fit your life style. It adds cooking along with trips to the fast food stores. Online it has e-tools that you can use.

The Weight Watchers diets use a point method to help you lose weight. Various foods are issued a certain amount of points. Some foods have no points and these are considered free foods. You can still enjoy your favorite foods but only according to the points it contains. You are given a certain amount of points for each day and if you keep to these points then you will lose weight.  You can eat all you want of “free foods,” so you are guaranteed not to go hungry.

The cost of joining Weight Watchers varies. It depends upon if you pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The longer term you pay for, the greater your savings.

Jenny Craig

The Jenny Craig diet works through portion control. It is fantastic, in that the meals are delivered to your door. They are frozen, pre-packaged meals. They contain the correct portions: carbohydrates, and calories already determined for you. All you have to do is choose one and pop it in the microwave. As long as you stick to the meals they have sent, you will lose weight. You can add fresh vegetables and fruits to the meals as long as they are listed. You can purchase all three of your daily meals pre-packaged, and even buy Jenny Craig snacks.

The cost for this diet depends upon whether you buy all three of your daily meals pre-packaged. If you live a very busy life style then this is a great diet as it is all about convenience. There is a an joining fee, then the costs of the meals and the snacks.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is based on limiting your carbohydrates while allowing plenty of protein and fats. The Atkins diet is built in phases. There are three phases. Each phase builds on the one prior. It adds foods back into the diet. If you are a carbohydrates addict, this may be a little hard to stick to.

The cost of this diet depends upon which foods you prefer to purchase. You will need to purchase the book. Once you have the book, simply follow the steps that are listed and you will lose weight.

These are only three of the many mainstream diets that are available today. You will need to take into consideration your lifestyle, what you like to eat, and how much you have to spend.

Promising Contenders

Several lesser known diets have also become popular in recent years. These include the Mediterranean diet, the South Beach Diet, the Zone diet, etc. An even newer contender is John Barban’s 12 Week Fat Loss System. The Venus Factor Diet has its share of detractors. It is not for everyone. An easy alternative is known as Metabolic Cooking. This approach utilizes known energy relationships in terms of metabolism of fats and  carbohydrates. Metabolic cooking has shown promise in leading to weight loss.

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